Varna, the "water town"

The name Varna
Varna coat-of-arms
Towns with the name “Varna” around the world

Town of Varna

The seaside garden
The cathedral
The religious temples in Varna
The clock tower
The proto-Bulgarian village
The palace of culture and sports
The festival complex
The planetarium
The aquarium
The dolphinarium
The museums
The theatre
The airport
The seaport
The transit trade zone
The Lake of Varna
The Canals
The Asparukhovo bridge
The TV tower

Hystory ot Varna

Midle ages
19th and 20th centuries

Places from the history

The necropolis
The roman thermae
The fortress of Varna
          The Turkish fortress in XIX century
The old sea baths
The stone bridge
The pier (the old port)
The lighthouses
The first railroad in Bulgaria
The seaside garden

Dates from the history

Battle of Varna, 1444
Varna in 1828
Crimean war, 1854
The Liberation

Varna in

Varna, XIX century
Alley One project

Views from Varna


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