The Proto-Bulgarian Village "Fanagoria"

In September 2001 has started the construction of a new for Varna attraction - an ancient Bulgarian village - a camp that existed during VI-VIII centuries. The present location of the place is in the suburb of "Asparukhovo" near to the "Asparukhovo park" and the proto-Bulgarian rampart.

The realization of the project is to be done in two parts. According to the plan at the first stage are to be built several tents, which will present the life of the proto-Bulgarians up to VII century. Among them are going to be the tent of the Khan, the tent of the high priest, tents of the crafts and others. During the second term should be built an ancient Bulgarian fortress, which has a mobile bridge, an early Christian temple and a museum presenting that old time. The village is being built by wooden material gathered after the forest of the region had burnt down (natural disaster). At its final stage the village is to be located on about 4 hectares. 

The first stage of the project - the proto-Bulgarian village "Fanagoria" - was finished and officially unveiled on July 14th 2002. The visitors can see the already completed Khan's tent and the tents of the high priest and the great "boil", as well as the four tents of the crafts - pottery, weaving, saddlering, blacksmith and armory mastery. Also the guests could watch a performance presenting the life and military skills of the proto-Bulgarians, such as some old rituals, authentic horse riding and so on. The costumes in the play, as well as the materials used for building the village are especially selected in order to create the vision of authenticity. The scenario for the show is developed at the Bulgarian film studio "Boiana" observing the advices of the archaeologists and the historians. 
A symbolic incident had occurred some days before the opening of the village - during a horse riding rehearsal at a moment when two of the riders passed one another the pike of one of them met and killed the horse of the other. Whether it was a tragic event or "Tangra" took a sacrifice... "A big offering big mercy from "Tangra"- is in what our predecessors believed!

Special thanks to Rostislav Dinkov for the translation of this part. 

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