Gallery Varna – views from the city

The entrance to the Seaside garden and the Festival complex. On the right side, in the form of a swan, you can find the sundial
The “Filial” hall of the dramatic theatre “Stoyan Bachvarov” and the city Clock tower
The lighthouse at the pier with the mosaic picture of St Nicholas. It is made of several thousands of colourful stones – basalt, granite, marble and more, with all natural colours. The author of the project is Plamen Monev
The Asparukhovo bridge, view from the neighbourhood of Asparukhovo
Another photo of the Cathedral ...
... and a look from the bell-dome: you can see the red backside of the theatre, the city archive building and the regional court 
A thunderstorm over Varna. 
The photo is provided by Kosta Minev
Train station Varna
Varna in the winter. A very unusual picture: can you recognize the Alley in the Seaside garden?
The photo is provided by Vladko Dinev
Varna in the winter - 2 
The photo is provided by Vladko Dinev
Another amusing picture of Varna beach. The swans that spend the winter in the bay, are everybody’s favorites with the joy they bring
The photo is provided by Tzvetelin Georgiev
"Nezavisimost" (Independence) square in Christmas night 2001
The "Assumption" cathedral
Port Varna – the barquentine "Kaliakra" is sent to participate in the regatta Cutty Sark 2001

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